5 Adorable Things My Kids Are Up To Lately

One of the benefits of blogging is leaving words and stories for my kids. I sincerely hope that I live to be 100 and then I tell my boys every story that I possibly can think of about my life, but I know they will always want more, because I know I always want more. My dad died when I was 21, and my heart aches sometimes when I think about all the things I wish I could ask him – all the stories he didn’t have time to tell me.

Right now is a special time, full of adorable and hilarious memories. I do write about my boys a little, but not as much as I could. And, given my lack of bandwidth for deep and meaningful blogging recently, I find myself inspired to write in listicles. Hence, my new plan – writing a list of five adorable memories from my family’s current season of life.

  1. When I’m putting Edgar to bed, we play a new game. I say, “Excuse me Edgar excuse me Edgar excuse me Edgar,” and he starts giggling and says, “What?!” Then I tell him I love him. He BEGS for this game – until he’s in ornery three-year-old mode, and then he says, “DON’T SAY EXCUSE ME MOMMY.” And then we have a talk about using nice voices.
  2. Jonas is talking! He says hi, bye, thank you, and more. AND – as we recently discovered – if we say, “Ready… Set…,” Jonas will say “GO!” with enthusiasm and a huge smile. Edgar loves being the one who says Ready Set.
  3. We started a tradition of the Night Night Fairy coming to visit Edgar before bed. This started when we were having a really hard getting him through all the tasks that need to be accomplished before bed. The Fairy leaves him a book or two, pajamas, and a stuffed animal. He loves it.
  4. Jonas makes this super-duper-scrunched-up face sometimes when he smiles. I started singing him a song to the tune of “Smelly Cat” from Friends: Scrunchy Face, Scrunchy Face, why are you so scrunched up? Scrunchy Face, Scrunchy Face, you are so scrunched! It is a silly and ridiculous family song. Edgar is obsessed with it and loves singing it to Jo Jo.
  5. Edgar is super into the Curious George books lately. I didn’t remember them well, but they are a little longer and the stories sort of meander. (“This story is called Curious George Gets A Medal – but on page 12 he’s running away with a cow from a farmer and then hiding in a night shirt and there’s no medal in sight?”) It’s fun to notice Edgar’s attention span expand and to get excited for reading longer books as he gets older. (HARRY POTTER FTW!)

I haven’t decided how often I’ll post a listicle like this, but I’m sure there will be more. Stay tuned, because these kids keep getting cuter!

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