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What To Do During Naptime

There are no answers in this post; only questions.

The main question is this: It’s Sunday morning and the boys are both napping. What should I do with my free hour?

Here are the potential answers:

  1. Brush my teeth. I’ve been awake for five hours and my mouth feels disgusting.
  2. Get dressed and packed for the day. We are potentially attending a child’s birthday party later, meaning a) I need to change out of my pajamas and b) I need to fill my backpack with an amount of gear that you’d think was meant for two days on the Appalachian trail.
  3. Write a blog post.
  4. Read a chapter in the book I started this morning – The Golden Hour by Beatriz Williams.
  5. Put laundry away. SO MUCH LAUNDRY. Always so much laundry!
  6. Work on Christmas gifts – mainly on crafty Shutterfly projects, like photo books, ornaments, magnets, etc. Things that I would like to NOT pay for overnight shipping for this year.
  7. Straighten my hair. I haven’t been able to find my straightener or my preferred hair dryer since we moved and my hair has suffered.
  8. Have Special Time with Edgar. (Because, let’s be real – I tried to lay him down for an early nap and he is NOT asleep!)
  9. Unpack some more boxes on our jam-packed guest room. Or, just spend some time in there, organizing boxes into categories – things that are going to the dump, things that will go in our shed once it’s built, things that will stay in the guest room closet.

I don’t know the answer. Not at all. For today, during the 40 minutes that Edgar remained in his bedroom not napping, I accomplished #1, #3, and approximately 30% of numbers 2 and 6.

But – there’s so much, always, pulling my attention in different directions. And I know the house will not be “in order” anytime soon.

I plan to take a little time tonight to think about when and how I want to tackle all the things that merit attention in life this week. For now – the boys are awake and it’s time for many, many wagon rides around our new backyard. Happy fall!

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