Monthly Goals (October 2019)

If all goes well, we are MOVING TO A NEW HOME in October 2019. Yikes! It’s exciting and stressful simultaneously, as many happy changes are.

I’m trying to keep my goals manageable this fall. Here’s what I came up with for this month.

  • Maintain my blogging routine + continue my break from the novel. I am barely managing to keep my blogging routine consistent, so I know that any fiction writing would be a long shot this month. It felt really good in September to acknowledge that fiction writing just wouldn’t be feasible; admitting that you need to take a break frees you from the guilt of I should be writing. 
  • Re-establish your daily/weekly routines and your everyday self-care strategies. With the move, it feels like it will be necessary to regroup and get back on track. I’ve been doing an okay job with self-care and rituals, but the house hunting and packing have really interfered.
  • Do a whole bunch of decluttering, packing, and moving without losing your mind. 
  • Just be yourself all day long. I’m sure I’ll write more on this in another post, but I’ve had an interesting first month back at work, and my authentic self was sort of laid out on the table for all to see. Since I can’t take it back, I’m going to work through this vulnerability hangover and just keep being my full self all day every day.

If all goes well, my next Monthly Goals post will be published from my new home! You all won’t notice a difference, but cheers to new beginnings anyway.

yellow flowers in bloom
Photo by Jeswin Thomas on Pexels.com

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