5 Things I’m Grateful For (August 2019)

  1. Vacation. We spent a beautiful week at the Jersey Shore with family and it was just lovely.
  2. A job with summers off. I can’t express strongly enough how grateful I am that my job allows me the chance to reset and recharge every summer and fall.
  3. The new Laura Lippman book. It’s called Lady In The Lake and it was one of those easy, addictive, un-put-down-able reads.
  4. Watching old episodes of FRIENDS on Netflix. OMG I love this show. It brings me right back to high school nights on the couch, running to the phone to call my best friend during commercials.
  5. Edgar’s new catchphrase. When he’s upset about something he has to do – brush his teeth, sit in time out, get dressed – he starts crying and then mournfully says, “But it’s gonna take a while!” It is hilarious and adorable and I love him oh-so-much.
white petaled flowers on a sunny day
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