Coming Soon To Playful + Peaceful

After two weeks away from the blog, I returned yesterday and, unsurprisingly, I felt completely overwhelmed.

This post is my way of organizing my thoughts AND a sort of “Coming Soon On Playful + Peaceful” for followers. It’s almost September – the other New Year’s! – so get ready for lots of writing on routines, habits, resolutions, and goals.

And so – here are the blog posts I am preparing for the near future, in no particular order:

  • My Audiobook Project.
  • Mid-Year Check-In.
  • What. A. Bonkers. Year.
  • Recovery 101.
  • Monthly Goals (September 2019).
  • 5 Things I’m Grateful For (August 2019).
  • How To Slow Down & Be Intentional When Life Is Crazy Times Five.
  • The Evening Adulting Hour.
  • Bedtime Hygiene.
  • Habits For The New (School) Year. (UGH HOUSEKEEPING 101.)
  • Everyday Self-Care.
  • Streamlining My Endless TTD List.
  • How To Make The Most Of Weekday Evenings.
  • How To Maximize The Weekend.
  • How To Be Yourself All Day Every Day.
  • Your Own Personal Questions.
  • Life Alignment, Continued.
  • What’s Your Oxygen?
  • Seasonal Bucket List (Fall).

Well, I’m exhausted just looking at this list! But I’m also pumped. I write on the blog because it helps me to process things and to sort through my thoughts and feelings about life and the world. This time of year is a lovely time to sort, to consider, and to resolve. Onward!

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