August 2019: Monthly Goals

My main goal for August will be to fight off the anxiety and stress I may experience as we creep closer to the end of my blissful summer vacay. Ugh. I feel an increase in my pulse every time I even think about it!

I do think that one way to enter the school year with a positive attitude is by being proactive, and so my goals for this month are largely related to that.

  1. KEEP ON WRITING! Try to revisit the novel every single day and keep utilizing Story Genius to take steps forward.
  2. Create a routine that you can follow during the school year related to meetings, writing, meditation, and exercise.
  3. Make a plan for Everyday Self-Care for the school year.
  4. Draft a schedule for rhythm, routine, and rituals for the school year – including everything from day care drop-off and pick-up to cleaning up the kitchen after dinnertime.
  5. SLOW DOWN and BE INTENTIONAL. I can feel the pace of my life starting to pick up – or, maybe that’s just the aforementioned anxiety about returning to working mom life. I am making an effort to slow down so that I can take action mindfully and intentionally rather than doing what is easy and automatic.

This summer has really been just beautiful so far. Here’s to four more weeks (ish) of cuddling my boys and writing like a fool!

red tiger lily flower in close up photography
Photo by Paolo Durandetto on Pexels.com

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