5 Things I’m Grateful For (July 2019)

I got so excited when I thought of the idea for this post.

I’ve been sort of sick of my All The Things posts at the end of each month. I love having a rhythm to my blogging; I like having a few posts that I write every month, and I like setting monthly goals and then checking on my progress.

But the actual All The Things posts have been getting kind of boring to write, which probably means that they’re boring to read, too. Those posts often include a summary of what I’ve read, watched, and listened to each month as well, and I’ve had a lot less to say about those things recently. So I wasn’t quite sure what to do.

Then I got a lovely idea.  

I’ve been writing a daily gratitude list and texting it to one of my friends every day. This has been a really helpful and powerful habit for me. It’s helped me to adjust my perspective about life and take notice of the things that I am grateful for, many of which I take for granted.

I decided it might be just as powerful to make a monthly list of things I’m grateful for. It also will be a little memory keeper for me, allowing me to preserve some of the sweetest moments of this crazy time of my life.

So, starting with July 2019, I’m going to create a list of 5 things I’m grateful for every month instead of writing my All The Things post on the last day of the month. I’m going to do my best to include info about what I’ve been reading/watching/listening to when applicable. (I am quite often grateful for the book I am currently reading, as I’ve learned from my daily gratitude lists.)

Without further adieu, here are 5 things I’m grateful for as I reflect on July 2019:

  1. Just an absolutely amazing start to my summer. Lots of fun with the boys and lots of exercise and time to be creative and productive for me.
  2. Nonfiction books that are helping me to be a more peaceful and well-rested parent.  I’ve been reading The Sleep Easy Solution and Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids, to help me with my sleep-challenged baby and my wild and crazy three-year-old. I am not usually good at reading nonfiction, but I am EXTREMELY motivated to read these two books!
  3. A fantastic novel! I finished reading Fleishman Is In Trouble midway through July and it was wonderful – a fast read with a powerful message. Loved, loved, loved it.
  4. A wonderful podcast – The Mom Hour. I am sure that I have written about it before, but I’ve rediscovered it recently and have been busily listening to the archives. It is a podcast with two moms talking about parenting and life, and it has an extremely supportive and non-judgmental tone. It really helps me to think about different aspects of Mom Life – birthday parties, family traditions, Halloween costumes – in new and different ways. 
  5. A fantastic birthday for my incredible son Edgar; he turned three years old this month. The best thing in my life has been being his mommy. (And I say that in the middle of the tantrumming toddler years, and I mean it one hundred percent.)

Today I am just chock full of gratitude. Cheers to a wonderful July and an amazing August to come!

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