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All The Things (May 2019)


The biggest thing that happened this May was that I finished my graduate school course. I was required to enroll in an eight week long class about special education, and it was rough adding an additional responsibility to my already-chock-full plate for two months. But I survived it, and I am excited to now focus on wrapping up my school year and readying myself for summertime bliss.

This month was the first time I set personal goals rather than writing goals, and I think it helped me a lot. I definitely maintained my blogging schedule, and I exercised pretty much every day. I did not entirely rid myself of my bedtime candy habit, but I decided that right now is too tricky of a time to successfully abandon that habit – too many late nights, too little sleep, and too little mental energy to make good choices. (Ironically, once I abandoned this goal, I actually improved a little and ate less candy than I’d been consuming. So that was great!)

Oh, and also – what were all the things this May?

Things I’m Reading: I finished reading This Is Where I Leave You, a novel that I enjoyed a lot. I’m still reading The Mindful Kind, and I’m enjoying it tremendously – I am in no rush at all to finish it! I also read two other novels, The Silent Patient and Jar Of Hearts, which were both major page turners.

Things I’m Contemplating: SUMMERTIME! Making plans and schedules in my head. Excited to wrap up the school year and enjoy two months of parenting and writing.

Things Up Next: Look out for my summertime post – with my planned schedules and agendas for days with the boys and days to write. I am so excited to sketch out what I want my summer to look like!

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