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Daily Gratitude List

A few months ago, one of my wise and gentle friends asked me to start sending her a gratitude list every day. Every day, at some point during the day, I text her a list of three things I’m grateful for.

It wasn’t very hard to get this habit going, though it’s been a little hard to maintain it. This is pretty typical for me – awesome at getting things started, not-so-awesome at maintaining the practice. Yet, it’s been over a month, and while I miss a day now and then, I rarely go two days without getting back on track.

I’ve been shocked at how much this practice has helped me. It’s simple and it’s powerful. Sometimes, I find myself feeling negative or just generally riding the struggle bus, and just experiencing those moments of negativity reminds me that I haven’t sent my gratitude list yet. When I write it, it forces me to zoom in on the things that have been making me happy. It can be so easy to slip into focusing on the negative; this gratitude practice prompts me to pay attention to all of my blessings.

Yesterday was the first time in a while that I’ve missed my regularly scheduled blogging day. Eek!

I am chalking it up to springtime. Life has gotten a little busier, and I’ve had a fairly social April, which was really different from my cozy hygge January. There’s been lots of good quality time with friends.

This week will be busy, too – we have our adoption finalization day in court for Baby J.J. on Friday! There will be family in town and celebration and general merriment. And then on Sunday, I am hoping, there will be quiet time for our little family to relax and reboot. I am grateful.

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