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All The Things (March 2019)

I’m enjoying writing these monthly summary posts. It feels like a good opportunity to reflect on the month and see how things have been going personally, professionally, and creatively.

Here are the things for this month:

Things I’m Reading: Not much, sadly! I did finish reading Daisy Jones and The Six. I’ve been listening to an audiobook version of Drop The Rock, which is an AA book, and I’ve been enjoying that a lot. There are also 8 other books on the “Currently Reading” shelf of my Goodreads: Between The World And Me, How To Be Less Stupid About Race, Story Genius, I’m Chocolate You’re Vanilla, Freefall, The Dreamers, Come Rain Or Come Shine, and Unsheltered. I don’t love operating like this – reading a whole bunch of books at once – so I’ll probably zero in on one or two soon.

Things I’m Watching: I have been super into old seasons of The Good Wife recently. SO GOOD.

Things About Writing: I got a trial version of Scrivener, and I’ve been trying that out. I’m not sure so far – I find it a little overwhelming – but I’m excited to keep at it and see if it helps with my creative organization. Plus, the blogging is continuing to go well – 2 posts a week for all of 2019!  🙂

I’ll write a lot more about March 2019 when I reflect on my digital minimalist diet in another post.  Stay tuned!

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