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Oh Boy

Oh, boy.  My blogging schedule has gone off the rails.

I’ve been posting twice weekly since March 2018, but the addition of our new adoptive son J.J. (yaaaaaay!) in early September has impacted my writing time majorly.

I stayed pretty consistent with my biweekly posting in September. (It helped that I was pretty ahead of the game and had several posts already written and ready to publish.) During October, the schedule got a little wonky – the posts weren’t always on Tuesdays and Saturdays, which are my regular posting days – but for the most part, I still got two posts a week published.


It’s November 16th today, and my last post was published on Halloween!  Eek. That’s a very long accidental hiatus.

Image result for you got thisI’m not going to beat myself up about this. J.J. is still not sleeping through the night, and life is hectic and tiring. I have big plans involving writing and exercise that will kick in as soon as I can reliably get a full night’s sleep. Until then, I’m doing the absolute best I can to write as often as possible.

My apologies to anyone who follows and is missing my content!  It’ll all fall back into place – the blogging, the novel writing, the ability to get through a day without five caffeinated beverages and a bunch of sugary treats. Until then, I’m just giving myself pep talks and high fives and enjoying my two amazing little boys and the transition to a cozy and festive winter.








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