All The Things (August 2018)

This summer was wonderful. It’s still going, of course – I am not one of those people who forgets that summer keeps going through most of September – but I’ve started work again, so my Summer Sabbatical has officially ended.

I’m grateful that I’ve had this time, and I’ve been handling the return to work (and Edgar’s return to almost-full-time pre-school) pretty well. My days at the new job are flying by, and I’m so happy to have peaceful + playful afternoons with Edgar – I usually pick him up at around three o’clock, leaving ample time for adventures before the dinner-bath-bed routine starts.

This post is a little rushed – as I type this, it’s already the 2nd of September, and my All The Things posts are usually published on the last day of the month. Anyway – here is an abbreviated list of all the things that have been going on this month:

What I’ve Been Listening To: Lots of audiobooks! I finally finished listening to No Bad Kids by Janet Lansbury, and it really helped me to clarify some of my approaches to parenting. It’s all about keeping yourself unruffled in the face of unreasonable and emotionally unregulated toddler behavior. (I’m working on it.)

What I’ve Been Reading: Lots of suspenseful novels, which I often recount in detail to Tamara after I’ve finished. (The Flight Attendant by Chris Bohjalian and Case Histories by Kate Atkinson, for example.)

What I’m Currently Reading: Buddhism Is Not What You Think, by Steve Hagen; Bestseller, by Celia Brayfield; Get The Life You Want, by Dr. Freddy Jackson Brown; and When You Are Engulfed In Flames, by David Sedaris.

What I’m Pondering: How to make routines and stick to them regularly. I’ve allowed myself a couple of weeks of “AHHHHH NEW JOB STRESS CRAZY DON’T HAVE TIME FOR WRITING OR EXERCISE” – and I feel okay about allowing that time. But now, I want to get into a balanced routine that includes exercise, meditation, writing, recovery, and family.


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