Today I am reflecting on the goals for my Summer Sabbatical. There were seven goals. A few of them will definitely be met, and a few of them are proving really challenging. For example – I have been pretty diligent about making time for writing, but that has meant that getting things on my to-do list done has been more challenging.

One of my intentions which was not on my list of goals is to form good routines with regard to everything I want to do and get done. This can be hard, because life is seasonal. What works in July won’t work in December. In my ideal world, I’d set up a regular weekly routine and I’d never have to change it unless I wanted to. It sounds exhausting to me, readjusting my schedule every time daylight or the work day changes.

I feel so grateful to have this break from work life to form good habits and to consider best practices. And, when possible, I really want to try to form habits NOW that I can carry with me once my new job starts.

The more I think about it, I zoom in on mornings as the time when I need to get up early to write. When I look at my days, there are chunks of time that can be devoted to writing, but the biggest periods of time available once work starts will be early in the morning or after Edgar’s bedtime. And I am NOT my best self in the evenings; I am, and I have always been, a morning person. If writing is important to me – and it really, really is – then I want to give writing my best and most reliable time of day.

My evenings can sometimes get lost amidst tidying and tiredness and outside events (meetings, dinner guests, etc). My mornings are mine – ESPECIALLY if I get up at four to make sure I have a significant amount of time to get writing done!

I gave this a try this morning – so this is my first Morning Pages-esque attempt at getting words on the page. My alarm went off at 4:30 A.M., and I didn’t sleep well last night, so snoozing and sleeping on sounded appealing – but I got up anyway, because this is important. And I’m grateful to have had this time to reflect and center before my day of adventures with my toddler begins.



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