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I’ve been feeling really optimistic and strong about my writing goals.

I actually wrote them down today, and that felt simultaneously scary and awesome. My two big goals for 2018 are to post consistently on the blog, and to finish a draft of my novel.

I’m feeling optimistic – but the actual writing is not getting done to the extent I’d like at the moment, and that scares me.

The thing is that I have limited time in my week for everything I want and need to do, and I’m having trouble balancing the needs for family, friends, recovery work, writing, reading, farming, and mindfulness. And, you know – anything else that needs or wants to get done.

The blog posts have their own implicit deadline, so that’s easier. As long as I stay committed to posting twice weekly, that’ll get done.

But how do I make sure I’m getting novel time?  Especially when (like now) my fingers aren’t exactly itching to write it?

I don’t have any good answers right now. All I have is my optimism, and I’m just going to hang on to that and hope for the best.


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