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I have a new hobby, and it all started when I checked my checking account and realized that a) somebody had CLEARLY stolen my debit card and made a thousand small purchases that they don’t need or remember, and b) that somebody must have been me.


I did a little inventory, and I found that I’ve had a habit recently of nickel-and-diming my money away – buying sodas, snacks, tiny things, none of which cost much, but accumulate to make holes in my bank account where dollars should live. So I resolved to tighten up and to not make those kind of expendable purchases.

And then, the next day, I sat down with my new bullet journal, and I realized that I needed some more stickers.

So cute, right?! But this was a prime example of something that was not a necessary purchase.  Even though it seems necessary to me because I want my bullet journal to be adorable.

BUT THEN – this is the moment when being short on cash led me to a moment of creativity.

IMG_5108 (1)

The main reason I like the stickers is the adorable fancy-ish black letters. I like my handwriting, but it’s not that fancy, and stickers bring variety to my journal.

Then, I found this website, One Artsy Mama, and it was a game changer.

Literally, all you have to do to make your lettering fancy is add a few extra lines here and there, and then color them in.

I’ve been practicing like mad, and it’s so fun.


This was one of those fun reminders not to limit myself. I have always characterized myself as “someone who is not good at fancy lettering,” and what I found was that, with a little practice, this is something I can do.  I’ve also characterized myself as “someone who’s not good at doodling,” and I’m challenging that belief, too. I checked out a bunch of instruction books on how to doodle from the library (when in doubt, go to the library!), and I’m trying out some of the easier designs in my bullet journal.

New things!  Good for me, good for my bullet journal, and good for my bank account.  WIN-WIN-WIN.

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