All The Things (May 2018)

So many things!  Here’s my May snapshot:

Things I’m Reading: Oh, boy – so weird. In a crazy twist, I’m reading nothing but nonfiction right now! I finished Behold The Dreamers (my book club book) and now I’m reading Meditation Now Or Never by Steve Hagen and Writing Mysteries, a writing advice book edited by Sue Grafton. I sort of miss being lost in an engaging novel, but I’m also feeling really focused and motivated when it comes to writing, and I know that it is so much harder for me to sit down and write when I have an amazing work of fiction on my nightstand. So I’m going to keep this streak going for the moment! (Although – there’s a Laura Lippman novel on my nightstand. If you’re going to WRITE mysteries, you need to READ mysteries…  Right? ;))

Things I’m Listening To: A new podcast!  (New to me, that is.) It’s called #AmWriting with Jess & KJ, and it’s all about writing and publishing. I’m soaking up all the info and loving it. It’s really helping me to feel motivated and hopeful about my writing goals.

Things I’m Doing: Running a LOT!  I’m up to nine miles and getting ready for Race Day on June 2nd, when I’ll be running the Baltimore 10-Miler.

Things I’m Struggling With: Focusing! I’m so excited about writing, but I have such limited time to get it done, and sometimes it’s hard to know what to work on first, and sometimes it’s hard to stick with one good idea and follow it through to the end.

Things Making Me Proud: I’ve published a minimum of two blog posts per week ever since mid-March. That’s only two months, but it’s the first two months that I’ve been able to post that consistently.  Yay me!


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