Maximizing My Non-Writing Time

One of my goals is to write more and, maybe someday, start to earn money with my writing.

I’m excited to (hopefully!) take some small steps toward this goal over the summer.

For now, my writing time is limited. My best case scenario is that I get about 2 hours of writing time every evening after Teddy goes to sleep, and then 2 extra hours each on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays while he naps. (Currently, I work Mondays through Thursdays and have a three-day weekend, which is glorious!)

Now, that best-case scenario means I have 20 hours for writing every week – if I never do ANYTHING ELSE. No household chores, no errands, no quality time with Tamara. No meetings, no coffee dates with friends. No cooking. Nothing but writing.

So, realistically, it’s 10 hours a week or less. Not a ton of time.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about trying to take advantage of my non-writing time, trying to use that non-writing time as prep work so that when it’s writing time, I am READY TO WRITE!

I use a similar strategy on days when I’m really short on sleep and need to nap while Teddy’s asleep. My whole day is a runway for that nap. I limit my caffeine intake – I drink water – I keep my mood and my activities light and easy. And then I RUN from Teddy’s crib to my bed so I have the max amount of napping time possible. WINNER.

I tried this out – my writing prep time – yesterday in the car using a voice memo. While I was driving, I hit ‘record’ and I just started talking about one of my longer drafted pieces. My mind started wandering a little, and I just thought out loud, knowing I’d be able to listen to the voice memo later and get my thoughts on paper. OR – even if I don’t end up doing that – at least I’m THINKING about my writing at a time when I’m physically unable to do it.  If I spend at least some of my commuting/walking/waiting minutes doing some daydreaming about my writing, then hopefully, when I get to my laptop, I will be READY TO ROCK.

That’s the goal. We shall see.  For now – my butt’s in the chair.



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