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Adoptive-Parent-In-Waiting: Part Two

I figured that this month, since I’m focusing on parenting topics, it would be a good time to check in regarding Part Two of my stint as an Adoptive-Parent-In-Waiting.

Tee and I are back on the adoptive parent waiting list, waiting to have a second child placed in our home.

This is exciting. This is HUGE.Worth_the_Wait_wm__63681.1496380714

But also – this is a COMPLETELY different experience, for me, than waiting for Our First Baby was.

We let our friends and family know a few months ago that we were back on the list, waiting for Baby # 2. And now, periodically, friends will check in with me, seeing how the wait is going.

And it is going well. Way, way better than Round 1.

Because I am already a mom. I think that’s the main reason.

Before Teddy came home, I was desperate to be a mom. Desperate. It was the deepest wish of my heart. It was so painful to want to be a mom and to not be able to have that happen.

Now, I have that identity. I AM a mommy. I love being a mommy.

Having a second child will be amazing. But it won’t make me MORE of a mother. I’m already a mother.

And, as much as I want Teddy to have a younger sibling, I am just FULL of love. When a new baby comes, I know my heart will expand. But for now, every bit of it goes to Teddy, Tee, our families, and our friends.

So – it’s different.  It’s a way different feeling. AND I think I learned some things the first time around, since I did pretty much everything wrong with Adoption Wait # 1. Someday, I’ll write a book about everything I did during Adoption Wait # 1, so that other APIWs know what not to do.

I still get butterflies. It’s still challenging to live in a constant state of not knowing if they’ll be a tiny baby in our house tomorrow or if it will be another two years of waiting.

But now – for Adoption Wait # 2- I have a lot more patience and a ton more faith. That makes a big difference.

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