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Self-Centeredness #ThoughtOfTheDay

he extent of my self-centeredness baffles me sometimes.

Today, I attended an art therapy training. Our first instruction, when we entered the room, was to visit the Art Supply Buffet (translation: long table filled with crayons, markers, pastels, and colored pencils) and pick whatever art supply we were drawn to pick.

I grabbed a pack of colored pencils and I found my seat. A little while later, we were all prompted to make a mandala, and I joked to the woman beside me, “So funny. Why would anyone pick anything other than colored pencils?”

Only then did I notice the pile of magic markers on the table in front of her. And then glanced further and saw a woman scribbling happily with colored pastels.

How funny! How silly that we so often forget that we’re all unique people with individual preferences. How egotistical when we assume that what WE like is best, rather than just our preference.

This is something that annoys me so much when I notice it in others – this tendency to think OUR way is the RIGHT way, that other options aren’t different but actually incorrect. I have heard it said that the things that annoy us most in others are present in ourselves. 

Yeah – that sounds about right.


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