Be Aggressive: A Self-Care Plan #heartsoulmindbodyspirit

Today was a really good day – a day of rest, rejuvenation, and grounding.

Lately, my self-care has been lacking. I feel like I run around all day and offer very little help to anyone. I feel like I am overworked and slacking off simultaneously. I feel overwhelmed, and when I am overwhelmed, I fall victim to my vices – coffee, soda, and candy.

I spent a lot of my time today reflecting and planning – reflecting on the kind of self-care I need, and planning how to rearrange my days so that I can take some action steps.

Tee has been teasing me all day because I’ve been proselytizing about my “Aggressive Self-Care” plan. I guess she thinks it’s funny to use such a feisty word for something as loving and gentle as taking care of yourself.

HOWEVER – I do feel like I need some energy, some fight, some spirit for these plans to have any hope of actually working! The stressors I am dealing with are not going to disappear anytime soon. Hence the need for AGGRESSIVE SELF-CARE.

The biggest task I accomplished today was this: writing out everything I want to do at the beginning of the day and at the end of the day to take care of myself. I got REAL specific – things like “get dressed” and “brush teeth” and “snuggle with Teddy” are on the list. I also added tiny things like “put on perfume” and “use lotion” – tiny self-care acts that I almost never do. These two lists are neatly written in my bullet journal for my reference; I think of them as my morning ritual and my evening ritual.

Next – in the midst of my crazy day yesterday, I started thinking about all the self-care tricks I’ve previously used, like drinking Yogi tea and sniffing essential oils. These items are in my house, but I nevereverever think to utilize them. Today, I emptied out one of the pockets of my purse and filled it up with essential oils, hand lotion, a tiny worry box, and a few tea bags. I’m calling it my self-care pocket. I also set a beautiful mini bread pan (an item we never use) on my desk and filled it with the same items – I’m calling it my self-cafe miniature bread pan, because why not?

I messed around with my phone, trying to find an app to use for mindfulness reminders. Part of my Aggressive Self-Care plan is AGGRESSIVE MINDFULNESS. When I get stressed, my ability to be present in the moment suuucks. So I’ve been trying to find a way to check in with myself throughout the day, to remind myself to be mindful, but I haven’t found an effective one yet. I’m going to ponder this for a while: how can I remind myself throughout the day to be mindful? Could I pick an object – when I see a dog, I remember to be mindful? A time of day? I really don’t know. That will be part of Aggressive Self-Care 2.0.

I took a few steps to simplify my day-to-day, to clear away some clutter – deleted a bunch of apps from my phone, cleared my Safari history on my phone, cleared out my bathroom cabinet so all my self-care items are visible and accessible. I’m going to keep pondering this, as well: how else can I simplify my life so that my mind and my soul are as clear and uncluttered as can be?

I tried my best to embrace healthy eating today. When I get overwhelmed, I either a) eat junk, or b) eat nothing and drink lots of coffee. NEITHER OF THESE PLANS IS GOOD FOR ME.

Lastly – this might be the best intention I’ve set today – I decided that I’m going to spend a few minutes every morning and every evening having a date with my planner and my bullet journal. This will be my time to check in with myself about the day(s) ahead – to BE INTENTIONAL, which was one of my new year’s resolutions, and is something I always struggle to do. I keep all of my notes and appointments for work in my planner, but I’m going to set aside a page in my bullet journal each week to think ahead about the week, to think about things like: What plans do we have this week? When I am going to do basic things, like shower? And – MOST IMPORTANT – when, on each day of the coming week, am I going to be able to accomplish the big three daily priorities I have set for myself? (The big three daily priorities are meditation, running, and writing. These are the three main things that I have committed to doing every single day. NO MATTER WHAT.)


I feel really good tonight – not over-the-moon fantastic, but strong and whole and refreshed. Ready to be AGGRESSIVELY MINDFUL and to practice AGGRESSIVE SELF-CARE. Starting with a delightful cup of bedtime tea.

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