My Bullet Journal (!!!) #soul

I LOVE my new bullet journal.

I have no idea if I’ll stick with it forever – I assume not. But it’s a sweet, fun, and semi-crafty project that’s building up my happy this week.


Basically, a bullet journal is a blank notebook that you use as part-notepad-part-planner-part-dream-journal. One of the best features is that you number the pages, so you can go back and find lists you’ve made or plans you’ve jotted down.

Mine is SO CUTE. And I bought little stickers to use for the page numbers. GEEKED OUT.

It’s felt great this past week, settling back into the world of blogging and journaling. Every time I take an unintended blogging break, it takes me a little bit of time to get back into a groove.  It’s the same as running – after some time away, I always have a few bad runs before I can feel myself getting back into the running flow.

Well, my muscles are getting stretched, and I’m feeling grateful to be back at it.  Blog on!

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