The Girl Next Door #mind

A few months ago, I got super burnt out on all my news and politics podcasts, so I crowd-sourced and got some recommendations for light, fun podcasts from friends.

SO MANY RECOMMENDATIONS. It was overwhelming! I still haven’t listened to them all.

Image result for the girl next door podcast

One of the recommended podcasts is The Girl Next Door, which is similar in structure to one of my faves, Call Your Girlfriend – two good friends chatting, usually with a topic or two on the agenda.  Unlike CYG, however, TGND (so far) does not seem to have a political or social activist lean, which makes it a good break from the other shows in my podcast diet.  (Don’t get me wrong – I WANT to hear about and talk about important political and social issues. But it’s nice to have at least one podcast that’s more focused on day-to-day living and happiness than the big picture of our troubled world.)

I’ve only listened to a few episodes of The Girl Next Door so far. One of the talks that really spoke to me was about “taking the temperature of your life” – evaluating how your life is going, how you’re feeling, what signs there are when you are NOT living your bliss.

I’ve been feeling a little off these past few weeks, so my temp is currently a little high – maybe around 100?  Here’s hoping it’ll go down with a little time and a lot of self-care.



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