Ugh Ugh Ugh #heartsoulmindbodyspirit

When life gets busy and stressful, I have trouble maintaining my daily routines and rituals.

Life has been pretty busy and stressful lately.

It’s kind of frustrating. I’m finding it difficult to make time for writing, for meditation, for self-care – difficult, because life is busy and stressful.  And then, as a result, I am less equipped to deal with the chaos and stress, because I’m not doing the things I need to do daily to keep myself well.


This weekend is a good time for me to recharge and to reset my intentions. I’ve been daydreaming about strategies I can use to maintain my necessary routines.

First of all, I decided to clarify this: there are really three things I need to make time for every day.  (I don’t count things like reading or family time, because I’m actually good at making time for those things.) My three daily needs are writing, running, and meditating. I’ve zeroed in on three times of day that are available for these things – early morning, Teddy’s naptime, and late evening.  TOTALLY DOABLE.

I actually just read about something that I think is going to help me to a) be more intentional, and b) feel less overwhelmed – BULLET JOURNALING.  I’m really excited to try it! I don’t know if I’ll utilize every feature, but I like the ideas of an index; page numbers; a spot for long-term goals; a spot for “events of the year”; a spot for a gratitude list; a spot for a things to do list (with bullets that I cross out instead of crossing out the whole item on the list, which always looks messy); ideas for the blog; ideas for short stories; a list of short story contest submissions and deadlines; space for thought bubbles and stream-of-consciousness; goals for the house; quotes…  SO MUCH.

I POSSIBLY am intrigued by the idea of using a key (different symbols signifying ‘thing to do’ or ‘already done’ or ‘event’); having daily/weekly/monthly goals (maybe could use that for chores/errands?); and, weekly logs for tasks that haven’t been assigned a day yet.  I like the idea of having space to write a lot of random things I am trying to track, such as diet, exercise, medicine, etc.

I’ll close with this – a very important thing that I need to remember: WRITING IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN CLEANING YOUR HOUSE. I get very distracted when I sit down to write and the house is messy. So I start cleaning, and getting angry and resentful because I’m cleaning instead of writing.

This is a mess.

Sometimes housecleaning is functional procrastinating.  WHO CARES ABOUT THE DISHES?  Deathbed Test: will I care more if I never write a book, or if I never did the dishes?

Not even a question.

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