Everyday #body

Sometimes it feels like there are too many things I have to do every day to stay grounded, whole, and strong.keep it simple wallpaper

Exercise. Write. Meditate. Read. Spend time outside. Talk to family and friends. Connect with my community.

If I were to make a list of all the things I *need* to do every day to feel like my best self, the list would have between ten and twenty items on it, and it would require all the time and effort of a full-time job.

Now, if I could quit my job and spend each and every day devoted to self-care and self-love, I would do it.  I would LOVE it.

But I can’t.  And so, it gets overwhelming to think of everything I need to do to preserve my mental health.

The item most prevalent in my mind today is exercise.  I’ve been feeling really up and down recently – some days just kinda out of it, some days pretty depressed – and my exercise routine has been suffering.

Today, while Teddy was napping and Tee was getting some work done, I went to the gym and ran on the treadmill. It felt so good. I came home rejuvenated – got some writing done, read a few chapters in Buddhism Is Not What You Think (one of the seven books on my “Currently Reading” Goodreads shelf), and just felt like I was in an altogether better headspace.

I’m going to try to get myself to the gym early tomorrow morning, and I am contemplating running a race with Tee in June. (JUST CONTEMPLATING. Sometimes I get really stoked to run a race and then lose interest halfway through my training period. So I’m going to ponder the idea of running a race for a bit before I actually pay to register.) Cheers to a week of exercise, healthy food, and all-around wellness!

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