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Bubbling #mind #soul #BookBinge

There’s a story – possibly a long-ish work of fiction – bubbling up in my mind.

However, I’m in the middle of a seriously crazy Book Binge currently, and I’ve been reading much more than I’ve been writing.

The WAY I’ve been reading is a little different this week.  While reading this week’s books – including Wonder, The Hate U Give, The Readers Of Broken Wheel Recommend, and Young Jane Young – I’ve been asking myself questions about choices the author made, things I like about the plot or story, and tools I might be able to use.

However – my actual writing has been limited.  Every day for the past few weeks, when I get done with Teddy’s bedtime routine, I race downstairs to read my current book.  I finished the Louise Penny novels, which were incredibly addictive and suspenseful, and then have been flying through book after book after book.

I’m a little worried about my lack of actual writing – though I am trying not to be TOO worried.  I do want to make writing a priority; I don’t want to put my writing on a back burner for weeks that turn into months that turn into years.

Maybe if I give myself a soft deadline – need to have started writing this story-maybe-novel by Valentine’s Day – then it will keep me dedicated without forcing me to do it RIGHT NOW.  I’m not great at forcing myself to do things – I’m better when I maintain my faith that it always comes back, whether it’s my desire to read, my energy to run, or my creativity for writing.

However – I also don’t want to wake up in a year with this story still bubbling up inside of me.  Hopefully this post will bring me some accountability.




I am enjoying tossing this story around in my head.

Thinking about character quirks and which characters can have them.

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