#mind #BookBinge

One change in my life since adopting my son: I cannot, under any circumstances, read books about babies or young children dying or being abducted.


I was about a chapter into a book recently – a mystery/thriller, which is a genre I love – when a baby disappeared from her crib.  OUT.  I immediately closed the book and moved on.

This could change in the future, of course.  I’ve found that my Literary Palate has changed throughout my life.  In middle school and high school, I read my grandmother’s Danielle Steel and Mary Higgins Clark novels.  I used to despise memoirs and now they’re among my favorites.  Additionally, I used to force myself to finish books, even if I was losing interest in them, and I NEVER do that anymore.

Currently, I’m in the middle of a bit of a #BookBinge, which started in early December.  Coincidentally, a lot of the books I’m reading are fiction but with rich history or real current events woven into the story.  I find this really interesting.  It’s a crazy, surreal time in history at this moment, and I’m trying to wrap my head around what’s happening and think how to incorporate it into my writing.

I’m reading three books at the moment – Shrill by Lindy WestStorycraft by Jack Hart, and The White Album by Joan Didion.  To further enable my obsession with books and reading, my sister added me to an awesome Facebook group of readers who love sharing their thoughts and recommendations about different books.  It’s amazing, and is another outlet for my look of reading comics and memes.  how i spend money comic


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