Day Two #heart

It’s January 2nd, and halfway through today I realized I was being a slacker.

I started to feel badly about it, and when I got home I told Tee about it and asked her if I was a bad person for slacking off.  “That wasn’t one of your resolutions,” she said.


Making resolutions is always tricky territory for me, because it triggers my perfectionism.  I start to think that 2018 is the year when I’ll be absolutely perfect in every way.  It bummed me out to think that I was failing on day two.

BUT I WASN’T FAILING.  Because my intention for 2018 was not to be perfect, or to stop occasionally slacking off.  It was about self-care, writing, being intentional, and meditating.  THAT’S IT.

A radical act of self-care for me at this moment would be accepting that in 2018, I will be a little bit of a slacker, because there is a long list of things that need to get done and a limited amount of space on that list for high-priority tasks.  When I set priorities, I inevitably decide that some things in my life are going to get less attention than others.

So, cheers to being kind of a slacker.  Here’s hoping I can do so WITHOUT guilt and WITH some healthy self-acceptance.

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