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Thought For Today #mind #soul

Stop trying.  Just allow.

This has been echoing in my head recently.

Stop trying.  Just allow.

I was 29 when I realized how hard I was working to control everything around me.  And I learned to let go – a little.  But not all the way, and not always.

I was thinking about this recently when it comes to keeping a writing routine. I want to write regularly.  I need to.  But there are 24 hours in a day, and a little teddy bear I need to play with and snuggle with, and a wife to love on, and, you know, a day job (ugh) and housework (triple ugh).

At this moment in my life, I don’t know if it’s possible to keep myself on a regular routine with anything – reading, writing, running, socializing.

I think I just have to have faith in the universe that things always fall into place – and that my flow always comes back.

Because it always does.  That’s one of the secrets I’ve discovered.  If you relax and trust in the universe, everything falls into place.

Today, I was driving around for work, and trying to decide which fictional work I wanted to focus on next.  I was trying to decide on a story to expand so that I could enter it in an upcoming writing contest.

But I couldn’t decide.  And I can’t force it.  I have to stop trying and just allow.  

Counting My Blessings: My teddy bear reaching out to snuggle me repeatedly tonight.  Bliss.  

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