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SNAPSHOT #recommendations #heartsoulmindbodyspirit

It’s been a minute.

Time for a snapshot!  But I’ve been getting bored with my snapshots lately, too.  So I’m going to try to mix it up this time around and make this post all about recommendations.

Recommendation # 1: Try a new podcast.  

My podcast diet is constantly evolving.  This month, two new additions:  1. Mom And Dad Are Fighting, a parenting podcast from Slate.  (Which I never would have discovered, except that I’m a proud Slate Plus member.  Holla!)  The hosts talk through parenting challenges, triumphs, fails, theories, etc.  It’s not about being a perfect parent – it’s just real people talking about questions they have and situations they’ve faced.  I started listening on a whim, and I’m enjoying it so far; today I went back to the beginning of the show and I’m now happily moving through the archive.  2. I also am LOVING Sam Sanders’ new NPR podcast, which is called (ahem) It’s Been A Minute.)  #mind

Recommendation # 2: If you’re trying to form a new habit, find a writer whose book inspires you to get going with it.  

A few weeks ago, I decided that I needed to read a book about cooking.  NOT a cookbook – I have cookbooks, and I still don’t enjoy cooking.  I have never liked cooking.  Before I met Tee, I ate hummus and pretzels for dinner almost every night.  (Happily!)  But now, I sometimes wish that I wanted to cook dinner, and that it was an enjoyable activity for me.

I decided that I wanted to read a book that would inspire me – a book that would make me want to cook something.  

My friend The Naturalist recommended An Everlasting Meal by Tamar Adler.  It is PERFECT – a good writer, writing about cooking in a way that makes me want to cook.  I can’t explain it.  I just hope it lasts!  #mind #body #soul

Recommendation # 3: Request books at the library way in advance.  

HOW DID I NOT KNOW THAT BRENE BROWN HAS A NEW BOOK COMING OUT?!  So exciting!  The book is out on September 12th – which is actually the same day that Gretchen Rubin’s new book comes out.  They both have been pre-ordered from the Baltimore County Public Library.   #mind #soul

Recommendation # 4: Let it flow.  

My creativity bug is continuing to bite, and it feels wonderful!  I’ve been working on a few different short stories – I’ve even submitted two to writing contests!  (I’m quite sure I won’t win a thing.  But I’ve spent a long time being afraid of rejection.  I decided that the way to get over this is to be rejected a LOT so I will be immune to it.)  #soul #mind

Oh!  I also participated in a writing group at my local library last week.  The other writers were really nice and supportive.  This was a big step for me.  #heart #mind #spirit

Recommendation # 5: Keep your sense of humor.





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