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SNAPSHOT #mind #heart

Time for a snapshot:

-Of course I listened to S*Town, the new podcast from Serial and This American Life.  It was great.   #mind

-SPRING BREAK used to mean a trip.  Now it means a week at home with Teddy.  Heavenly.  #heart

-My #soul work has been lacking.  I’ve been going to meetings on a weekly basis, which is always wonderful.  But other than that, I’ve been a nervous wrecking ball of anxiety, angsting over people, places, and things, and not doing a whole lot of #soul work to combat the chaos.  However, Teddy and I did take a walk today to g
ather redbff8174ca64ede0ad29311ac5569eff01uds and other wildflowers growing around Wild Peace Farm.  Our house is full of wildflowers.    It’s officially spring, and that’s definitely #soul food.

-Some of the challenges of having a SPRING BREAK week at home: excess snacking and lots of time to zone out watching FRIENDS episodes while cuddling Edgar.  I’m majorly in need of some #body work.

I’m on the cusp of making some really wonderful changes for the benefit of balance.  Stay tuned!

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