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The month of March is an emotional roller coaster every year.

There are lots of birthdays in March – Tee, two of my nieces, and my dad and my nana, both deceased.  The anniversary of my dad’s death is also in March, and that’s a heavy day each year.

So, there’s a lot to be happy about.  And there are days that are really hard.

This year we added another significant date to the month – the date Teddy’s adoption was finalized in Baltimore County Court!11245657_1608710202730350_919356414_n

I’ve been to family court in Baltimore City and County many times.  Several times, I’ve been there with the privilege of witnessing a child adopted into their forever family.  Other times I was there for less joyous, more stressful situations.  But early this month, I was there so MY son could be legally adopted into HIS forever family.

It was incredible, and also insignificant.  Teddy’s been ours, truly, since the moment he was born.  He is ours and we are his.  But my eyes of course filled with tears as the judge held him and read the adoption decree aloud.

We spent years waiting for Teddy.  Throughout that wait, I constantly prayed for patience and acceptance and for the ability to trust the timing of my life.  The universe did not disappoint.

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