balance · snapshots


My last check-in was on November 19.

Here’s where I’m at:

💖 I’ve written 8 posts about #heart food.  There’s been lots of good family and friend time lately.  Not to mention Teddy snuggles.  🙂

☯️ I’ve written 9 posts about #soul food.  Good work.14581325_1226489350744851_3604107054275663474_n

💭 I’ve written 11 posts about #mind food. Consistently my most-nourished quadrant.

🏃 I’ve written 5 posts about #body food.  (I’ve also gained the New-Baby-Slash-Wintertime Fifteen, which is a thing I’ve invented since learning that my pants are not fitting properly.  😢)  Really – I have not been prioritizing exercise and healthy eating.  And I need to do that.

🌱 I’ve written 2 posts about #spirit food.  (My hunch is that this is from lack of writing rather than lack of growth, challenge, and adventure – but we’ll see.)

Everything is a little overwhelming right now.  The job – that’s the most stressful thing.  Finding the time to do everything I want to do, especially writing and Teddy time – that’s a challenge, too.

But it’s all going to be okay.  Right?



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