balance · friendship

#heart #body

If only every weekend was three days long.

Yesterday was all #heart – brunch with my college bestie, a hike with Tee and Teddy and The Naturalist, and then dinner at the home of the Arborists, one of our favorite couples.

This weekend overall was really productive and great.  Our house is a lot cleaner than it was Friday afternoon, and I enjoyed a lot of good catch-up time with friends.

However, now it’s Monday.  And I’ve got the Monday version of the Sunday blues.

I never used to get the Sunday blues.  I loved my work and I loved my job, so anticipating Monday morning never bothered me.  These days, it does.

Tomorrow is a new day, and my last few weeks at work have been rough.  My goal for this week is to keep myself balanced so that I can be strong when I need to be, and so that I don’t spend my non-work hours completely knocked out and trying to recover from the stress of my working hours.



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