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Lessons From My Time Log #LessonsLearned

So I started keeping a time log, a la Laura Vanderkam, to solve the mystery of what the heck I do with my 168 hours each week.

Currently, it’s been abandoned.  I am pretty sure it’s stuck in a desk drawer at my office.

I may pick it up again, or I may start a new time log.  OR I’ll abandon it.  But no matter what, I’ve already gathered a few takeaways from this endeavor.

Takeaway # 1: You have a commute that eats up at least 6 or 7 of your hours each week.  You need to figure out a way to use it well.

Takeaway # 2: Each of us has core competencies – things we do better than anyone else in the world.  We are best served when we spend most of our time engaged in our core competencies and outsource everything else.  (I think mine are nurturing my family, nurturing myself, writing, reading,

Takeaway # 3: I multitask.  A lot.  Many of my increments were labelled as “something/something else.”  (Edgar/dishes.  Talking to Tee/laundry.)  I don’t know if this bad – but it’s something I noticed.

Takeaway # 4: You manage what you measure.  Just keeping the time log helped me to be more mindful and intentional about how I spent my hours.

We’ll see if I go further with this.  That’s all I’ve got for now.


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