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SNAPSHOT #mind #soul #heart #spirit

Yet another snapshot –

-My sister signed me up for Book Of The Month Club for my birthday.  So fun!  My first book is The Most Dangerous Place On Earth, by Lindsey Lee Johnson, and it’s great so far.  BUT I’m only halfway through.  (#mommyhood – I talked big talk about still being a reader when Teddy first came home, but I now realize I was able to read a lot while he was napping twelve times a day.  As his nap time decreases, my reading time is taking a hit!)  #heart #mind

-I binge-listened to In The Dark, a podcast about a child abduction and murder from the 1980s.  It was compelling, for the most part, but for me it lost some of it’s grab as the season pushed onward.  It could just have been the topic, which was horrifying and terrible at the start and just grew more so as the podcast progressed.  Anyway – it was definitely well-made anImage result for matisse painter in the olive groved interesting.  #mind

-Tee and I visited the Baltimore Museum of Art a few weeks ago to see the Matisse-Diebenkorn exhibit.  This was Teddy’s second art museum adventure and he performed remarkably well.  My favorite painting of the day is pictured here; like a small child, my favorite images tend to be paintings of things I like – books, coffee, rivers, and, of course, trees.  #soul #heart #mind #spirit

-When I’m not sure exactly what to write next, I sometimes browse through posts I’ve saved on Facebook.  Today I did this and discovered two wonderful new websites to explore – Introvert Doodles, a site with comics about (duh) being an introvert; and Sweatpants And Coffee, which seems to be an online magazine with lots of articles and images focused on comfort.  #mind #soul


-I enrolled in a new fiction writing course online!  So excited.  I have zero extra time to devote to this, but I’m doing it anyway.  Going to try to defy the laws of time and space.  #spirit #mind

More to come!



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