SNAPSHOT #heartsoulmindspirit

Yet again – a snapshot:

-I found a new podcast!  It popped up in my feed one day.  It’s a suspenseful p636149902973785421-homecoming-show-art-3000pxodcast drama, and I was skeptical due to my experience with Limetown.  But so far, it’s compelling stuff.  The podcast is called Homecoming, and it comes out every Wednesday.  I can’t wait!

-I’m currently reading How To Be Here by Rob Bell.  It’s lovely so far.

-There’s been lots of good family time lately!  Thanksgiving in Vegas with my sister and my mom, DC with my brother’s family, baby-sitting – now for five kids instead of four.  🙂

-During our DC weekend, Tee, Teddy, and I spent the morning at the Hirshhorn.  It’s been a long time since Tee and I have visited a museum – and it was Teddy’s first!

-I’m definitely still adjusting to the Working Mommy endeavor. Yesterday was a particularly challenging day, so I found myself listening to The Gifts Of Imperfection throughout the work day.  Brene = always helpful.

-My first week as a Working Mommy was difficult.  My second week was horrid.  But, I had a restful Saturday and a restorative Sunday, and started to feel more like myself again.  I even experienced a Moment of Flow on Sunday, for the first time in a while.  It was lovely.


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