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Grace Not Perfection #minibookreviews #mind #soul #takeaways

I discovered this sweet little book called Grace Not Perfection by Emily Ley.  The title was an instant draw for me.


Such an inspiring sentiment.  When I started reading the book. I initially thought it wasn’t for me – the author is Christian and makes many references to God’s grace and the Bible, which isn’t usually my jam.  However, I kept returning to it, and eventually was able to replace “God” with “the universe” and enjoy the messages of the book without getting caught up with qualms about religion.

Overall, it wasn’t my favorite read – but it really made me think, and that’s always a good thing.  Here are my takeaways:

Use Sunday as a day to plan for the week – meals, activities, appointments, etc. Set everything in order and plan for the week ahead.

-Have a retreat area in your home that is a haven of sweet inspiration and relaxation.

-Identify areas of you life where you’re holding tightly to the reins.  Think through the worst scenario if you let go or loosened the reins a little.

-Perspective is everything .  Try to refocus your lens when you feel you’re not in the flow.

-Routines keep you from stressing. Having a (flexible) plan in place helps you to not feel stressed along the way.

-A purpose was written on your heart when you were born.  Find it.  Devote your life to it.

-Simplify.  Make room in your heart, home, and life for the universe to speak more clearly to you.


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