Write Every Day #fewersnapshots #moremurals #soul #mind

I can’t do everything every day.


No, really.  I can’t.


This is one of the lessons I am learning now that I’m (sorta) a grown-up.

I have a tendency to TRY to  do everything every day.  Yoga, soccer, phone calls – books, writing – friends, family – biking – cooking – baking.


That said, I am realizing the benefits of daily writing.  Today, I was running/walking on the trail – two minutes running followed by a minute of walking – and I started thinking about the SNAPSHOT post I’d write when I returned home.

I realize that most of my recent posts have been snapshots.  And there’s a good reason for that: with the addition of my sweet and cuddly teddy bear, it’s been diffic13419022_10154134920806291_7680534232901108928_nult to find pockets of time for writing.  Which means I am forced to produce snapshots of what’s been happening in my life in balance, rather than widening the lens to take a broader picture – a panoramic view, perhaps – something more expansive – something that looks at themes and motifs rather than simply what is.

It seems impossible, given my current situation, to write every single day.

But I’d like to make more time for it – more time for self-examination, for introspection.  More time to reflect and to help my mind to settle.

Writing helps me to settle my mind.  On days like today, when I feel a little scattered, it helps me to center.  It helps me to answer questions, like Why was today so unproductive? or What can I do to make tomorrow better?

It helps me.  And it makes me happy.  And I always want to make time for the things that make me happy.13051507_745898945553289_8299554909559919198_n

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