Surprising Sunshine #heart

When I was a child, I watched the movie Lady and the Tramp and I fell in love with one of the first scenImage result for lady and the tramp puppy under treees.

It’s Christmas, and under the Christmas tree Darling (a young married woman) finds a pretty box with a bow on it – a present from her husband, Jim Dear.  IT’S A PUPPY.

I’ve had this dream for a long time.  And I’ve dropped hints to Tee about it many, many times.

Then, one day in June, Tee made this dream come true!

This was just weeks before Teddy came home, and I was in a pretty horrible place.  The entire year prior to Teddy arriving was intensely difficult for me and Tee.  I’m only now beginning to process it, now that I’m so happy that joy is literally spilling out of me.  Just yesterday, I started tearing up thinking about how hard things were – hoImage result for kitten ecardw I’d sometimes start to cry just because someone asked how I was doing, how I’d find out we weren’t getting a baby and quietly sob in my office for ten minutes before moving on with my day.

It was awful.  Which is such a contrast with the breathtaking joy I feel today.

Anyway – Sunny came into our lives at a perfect time.  She really helped me to get through those last few weeks of our adoption wait.

And now, she is a crazy kitten-growing-into-a-cat, who thinks all of the baby toys are hers and likes to pounce on my head while I’m sleeping.

Having Sunny come into my life was a dose of joy at a critical time of need.  And a dream come true.  #heartimg_0802-2

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