Resolutions, Big and Small #heart #soul #body

If I were a day of the week, I’d be a Monday.

I love the beginning of a fresh new week.  (A little less now that Monday means I have to leave Teddy for three work days in a row.  Being a working mother is not my fave.)

I love fresh starts and clean slates.  And I’ve been finding myself making many resolutions, big and small, that I’d like to put on paper.

This week, I’m kic14713651_1232169696803295_428702590802770506_nking off my week working on a new program that I am feeling excited-but-ambivalent about.  It’s called the Whole30 Program, and it’s all about food – spending 30 days with a lot of foods eliminated from your diet and then reintroducing them one by one and evaluating how the food affects your mood and your functioning.

I have a complicated relationship with food, so in general I avoid dieting of any kind.  However, I’m pretty excited to do this – to learn about how eating dairy affects me, what foods might cause acne or lethargy, etc.  (See this website for more info!)

That’s Resolution Number One – eat well.

And for Resolution Number Two?  Wean off tea and coffee.  With the Whole13731494_1205377216191497_7174134648435293177_n30 Program, this will happen pretty organically.  I’m allowed two cups of coffee each day, but no cream.  When I drink coffee, I typically am drinking a cup of coffee-flavored Organic Valley half-and-half, so I’m thinking it’ll be natural to cut back.

And then, there’s Resolution Number Three – improve my bedtime rituals.

My current bedtime ritual is crap.  I don’t need to read articles on sleep hygiene to know that I am doing it all wrong.

I really, really, really want to be realistic about this goal.  I set this goal for myself all the time – I want to try to fall asleep without listening to a book or a podcast, specifically.  I am frequently able to achieve this in the short-term but have trouble sustaining it.

Pretty soon, 200Teddy’s going to be getting into a standard bedtime ritual.  He goes to bed at around 8 p.m. each night – that’s when we start the process, at least.  And as we work toward having healthy sleep habits for him, I really want to try to have them for myself, too.  This mean: no phone, actual pajamas, and no late night snacks.  

I’ll write more about sleep later.  Fingers crossed that tonight will be a good night’s sleep for all!


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