Baby Feminist #heart #mind

Image result for i'm with herI am currently pumped.

The third presidential debate is over, and I think Hillz did a wonderful job.

I will admit – I’ve been terrified prior to each presidential debate, quaking in my shoes at the thought of Hillary having to stand on stage with her opponent.

But, I underestimated her.  Which maybe makes me part of the sexism problem in this campaign.  Because, really – what reason did I have to doubt her?

It probably goes without saying that I am a Hillary supporter.  And her candidacy is running alongside my discovering myself as a baby feminist.

Growing up in New York, I didn’t really think a lot about feminist causes.  I certainly got pissed any time someone implied that men were stronger than women.  But I never found myself very motivated to follow feminist causes or to learn more about women’s studies.  (Privileged?  Perhaps.)

A while ago, I was trying to navigate a work situation, and I called my standby profession career consultant, who I keep on retainer – my big sister.

My sister gave me a pep talk, the gist of which was: Beware the patriarchy.  d4f57cf8195009b7563c90410c387e39

Sing it, sister.

I hate asking for money.  I hate talking about money.  I hate negotiating.  I hate trying to advocate for a fair salary.  I couldn’t even negotiate when I was buying things on the streets of New York, when you are SUPPOSED to negotiate; I found it way too awkward.

Some of that comes from my personality.  But some of it, I believe, comes from me being a woman – not wanting to offend, not wanting to upset, not wanting to ask for too much.  Maybe it hasn’t felt this way for every woman – but it certainly has for me.

My sister’s advice worked out well, job-wise. Her words also came at a time when a lot of different forces in my life seemed to be aligning to help me to get in touch with my inner feminist.

FORCE # 1 – one of my new favorite podcasts, Call Your Girlfriend, is all about lady power.

FORCE # 2 – reading the Notorious RBG book.  I love RBG.  I worship at the altar of RBG.

FORCE # 3 – reading We Should All Be Feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.  It’s a short essay that originated in Adichie’s 2012 TED Talk and it makes me wonder why I haven’t been wearing a T-shirt that says Feminist As F*ck every day of my life.

FORCE # 4 – following the 2016 presidential campaign.  I haven’t always been a Hillary Clinton supporter – I voted for Obama – BUT #I’mWithHer this time around!  And it’s not just about who she’s up against.  I think she’s smart and qualified.  I trust her more than a lot of her opponents seem to.  AND I am uber-annoyed by the sexism she faces.  I don’t know if I realized how much sexism still existed in modern society until Hillary began her run for president.

I find myself giving pep talks to friends, pointing out inconsistencies in the workplace and the community, and noticing when women are treated differently than men.  This is not making me miserable and pessimistic – it’s helping me to feel awake and powerful.  And – you know.  Image result for feminist as fuck

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