SNAPSHOT #mind #soul #heart

Life is flying by really quickly.  Here’s a snapshot:

#mind: I’ve been reading lots of good books recently!  One in particular – It’s Easie51ozmssdaql-_sx323_bo1204203200_r Than You Think: The Buddhist Way To Happiness, by Sylvia Boorstein – was absolutely wonderful.  I don’t subscribe to any religion, but I do love reading about Buddhism and Buddhist thought typically resonates with me.

I took copious notes on the eightfold path, the way that supposedly leads to the end of suffering. The path includes:

  • right view –seeing a thing in its true nature, without name or label; knowing what’s really going on inside and outside of ourselves
  • right intention – having the motivation to develop and progress toward awesomeness
  • right livelihood – making your living in a noble, peaceful way
  • right speech – be honest, don’t slander others or cause disharmony, don’t be rude/impolite/abusive, don’t indulge in idle talk
  • right action – “right” = “wise, wholesome, ideal” – act without selfish attachment to your own agenda, act mindfully and compassionately.
  • right effort – prevent unwholesome qualities from arising, extinguish unwholesome qualities that already exist, cultivate new wholesome qualities and strengthen the wholesome qualities you already have
  • right mindfulness – being fully attentive to everything as it is
  • right concentration – complete focus i.e. (I think?) meditation

#soul: I haven’t had a ton of #soul nourishment lately, other than the books I’ve been reading.  (Currently am in the middle of Perfectly Imperfect by Baron Baptiste – so good!)  However, I’ve posted recently about my intention to curb my addiction to background noise.  I think this will be TREMENDOUS #soul food for me!

Also, I read a little snippet somewhere recently: Make nice plans for yourself.  I don’t like making my life too overplanned.  But I think that it may help me to limit my TV watching, Facebook stalking, and phone scrolling when I make nice plans with myself for giphy-1nourishing activities rather than just stumbling through my day with tired eyes and a spit-up shirt.

#heart: A college friend of mine got married last weekend at a state park  in Connecticut.  It was gorgeous and lovely, and the wedding was my standard mix of “This is so much fun!” and “I wish I saw all these glorious people every day of my life!”  Teddy was a cuddly darling and it was so wonderful to be surrounded by good friends.

All in all – life is sweet.  Writing helps to make it even sweeter.  Hopefully there will be more to post soon!

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