Recalibrating #body

I keep alluding to the fact that we’ve had a big change in our lives recently.

I’m not trCartoon teddy bear clipartying to be vague or coy.  I just don’t have the words to describe the elation and the relief and the joy that we feel at the addition of this amazing, wonderful, two-month-old teddy bear to our family.

Someday (maybe?) I’ll write a blog post summarizing the events of this summer and the subsequent jubilee Tee and I have been experiencing.

But for now, I’d like to talk about how to get back into a good routine for #body nourishment now that all my workouts now include ten pounds of baby goodness.

Lucky for us, the NCR Trail is literally right outside our front door.  So Teddy and I frequently take mid-day walks on the trail, which is awesome.  However – I’ve been really slacking on running.

Today, I decided to go with my theme of #BabySteps and follow this beginner 5K plan I found online:


It was pretty perfect for today.  It feels funny to be doing such incremental work when I used to go for a seven mile run on a regular basis, but hey – it’s all about #BabySteps.

Additionally, I am (yet again) going to try this plank challenge thing:


Today was Day 1 for me.  I feel an especial urge to strengthen my core, now that I am wearing and lifting Teddy every day.  I wouldn’t say I am experiencing back pain, but I’m definitely aware of my back in a way I am not usually.  SIDEBAR: I LIVE IN FEAR OF DAY 30.

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