balance · snapshots


My last check-in was on April 10th.  That was a really, really long time ago!

Life is insane right now.  I’ll write more about it someday, I’m sure – but for right now, let me take a look.

Here’s a snapshot of my current balance situation:

-There is SO MUCH HAPPENING!  Most of it new and exciting and wonderful.  But when there are changes in life, we have to re-calibrate – we have to figure out our new equilibrium.

-When I am seeking a new balance, I sometimes regress to my default settings.  And some of my defaults are not the best.  Such as keeping a television show on in the background all day long (ugh) and drinking a million diet cokes and coffees (even when the stressor is lack of sleep or anxiety).  These defaults will need to reset, stat, so that I can be at my best and most balanced!

-When I am off-balance, I have go-to methods for correcting it, mostly involving taking a rejuvenation day and getting in some exercise.  Those methods are not going to be as easy to come by now.  It’s a time for change, growth, and novelty.  And I couldn’t be more excited for it all.


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