#mind #spirit

Yes, I’m still addicted to podcasts.

They’re my main source of news, which is great.  It used to be that I only found out about things going on around the world when I checked Facebook, which might only happen once or twice a week.  Then I’d look ridiculous when things came up at the proverbial water cooler at work.  Someone would say, “Did you hear about Brazil?”  And I’d have to frantically try to read their expression to see whether I should respond with an empathetic yes or an enthusiastic yeah or an outraged expletive.

Thanks to podcasts, I also get suggestions about pop culture phenomena that I might want to check out for myself.  I rarely do.  BUT last week, Tee and I heard about Ali Wong’s Netflix comedy special and decided to check it out.

IT IS HYSTERICAL.  YOU MUST WATCH IT.  IMMEDIATELY IF NOT SOONER.  Here’s a small taste of it – enjoy!

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