No Pressure #soul #mind #body

Our house is still very much a work in progress.  pnplogo

Looking through my blog drafts, I started to feel a little bad about myself for not working on Marie Kondo’ing my house.

However, the thing with me is that I can pretty much never force myself to do anything.  (If you’re a believer in Gretchen Rubin’s four tendencies, I am very much a Rebel; I can’t make myself form a new habit, and no one else can make me do it, either!)    When I want to form a habit or get something done, I just have to wait for the desire to come over me.

Occasionally, this is problematic; like when Tee really wants us to clean the house when friends are coming over and I’m like, “But it doesn’t feel like the right time to clean right now!”  That doesn’t usually work out great for either of us.

But with most things, I am usually okay just waiting for the motivation to come back to me.  The desire to go for a run always comes back.  The desire to eat healthy always comes back.  Reading, writing, yoga…  It all comes back when the moment is right, and there’s never any need for me to fret about that.

I constantly need to remind myself of this, especially when I have moments of feeling societal or internal pressure to just get things done.

Our world does not encourage us to just go with the flow.  It encourages deadlines and accountability.

And those things, while helpful for some, are rarely effective with me.

So, I’ll go with the flow.  And the flow is not all about me doing the 100 dishes in my sink right now.  It is all about me reading my book on Ruth Bader Ginsburg, doing some writing, and then going for a jog.  #followtheflow


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