The Adoption Wait: An Update #body

Before we moved to the new farm – years before I even knew there would be a new farm – I used to run by our farmhouse all the time on my evening jogs.

I barely remember it now.  In fact, I only remembered this fact after we’d been at the new farm for a few months.  Usually, when I’m going for a run, I leave the house and I jog north on the NCR Trail, toward New Freedom.  (Yum – Bonkey’s!  Running in the direction of ice cream is always a good idea.)  One day, instead of running north, I started to head south on the trail.  I ran about a mile down until I reached a parking lot, and then turned to head back to our house.

The deja vu hit me as soon as I started to run in the direction of the new farm.  I realized that, years ago, I’d come to this parking lot several times a week to go running.  Then, as I got back to the new farm, I remembered how often I used to run by it.  There were horses here, at that time; and I loved that the house sat right on the trail, and I daydreamed about being able to roll out of the house and immediately hop on the trail for a bike ride.

That was years ago, and I never would have dreamed that one day I’d live in that beautiful white farmhouse I would run by every day.

You never know where your life is going to take you.

The adoption wait continues, and it sucks.

I’ve been making my peace with the wait, day by day – but in general, it sucks.

My life has taken me right here, to this moment, and it will continue to carry me through until I get to the moment when Our Baby comes home.

When I get overcome with sadness and stress – which happens – I think about running by this house, and how I never would have dreamed I’d ever live here.

We don’t know which ways our life will go and when.  That’s why we have faith.


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