Just Plain Fun #heartsoulmindbodyspirit

So what happened was, last week, I was talking with my new friend, and she asked me what I like to do for fun.

It took me a moment to answer.

It felt like an hour.

In reality, it was probably just  a second, or a half-second – but for someone like me, who values fun and play as equally important to (IF NOT MORE IMPORTANT THAN) work/productivity/self-care/etc, this was waaaaaay too long for my brain to need to remember the last thing I did that was Just For Fun.

The thing is, I’ve been busier than usual recently, and I’ve been way stressed.  And while I’ve made time for self-care (running, yoga) and for enrichment (meditation), I really feel like I’ve been slacking in the Just For Fun category of my life.  I mean, yoga can be fun, I guess?  And meditation, too?  But not the way I’ve been doing it lately.  I’ve been making time for activities that help me stay balanced, yes – but not for activities that just cause me to laugh out loud at the silliness of it all.

When I got home after my chat with My New Friend, I repeated this interaction to Tee, who lovingly rolled her eyes at me (not really) and then helped me (really) to sift through the last few months of my life to see if really, truly, I have not been doing anything for fun.


My research brought me to these conclusions:

1. Yes, I’ve been having some fun.  But it’s been more moments of fun rather than hours or days of fun.

2. Self-care is wonderful – nourishing, fulfilling, and enjoyable.  But it doesn’t always meet the criteria of Just Plain Fun.

3. If I’m not engaged in activities that are a) engaging my silly side, b) making me laugh out loud, and c) filling my whole body with glee, then something is missing.

I think that there is room in my life for self-care, personal enrichment, AND just plain fun.

HENCE MY WEEKEND.  Tee and I decided to go to Earth Treks, a rock climbing gym in Timonium, on Saturday; it was the first time I’d been climbing in forever.  It was so much fun!  When Tee and I first met, we used to climb every single day.  It was really awesome to get in a whole bunch of climbs – so many that by the last climb (thil_570xN.764724594_6pye (2)e route was called Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, I believe), I couldn’t make it to the top.  My muscles literally failed me, in that awesome way they do something when you’ve had a truly satisfying and challenging workout.

We stopped over at the Valley on our way home, where some of our friends were camping out, and ended up doing spontaneous gymnastics and getting in some good belly laughter.

Today, we’re engaging in two of my most-favoritest-ever forms of fun – we’re going for a hike at Rocks State Park, and then tubing at Deer Creek.

I feel pretty good about the level of fun I achieved in three days.  Let’s keep it up, universe; all work and no play is just not a good plan.

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