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Radioactive Valentine’s Day #heart #mind #spirit

If you’ve never heard of the popular book The Five Love Languages, I’m going to sum it up for you so that this post makes sense.

the-five-love-languagesThe Five Love Languages (written by Gary Chapman) talks about five ways that people express and experience love, which Chapman refers to as “love languages.”  These love languages are: gifts, quality time, words of affirmation, acts of service, and physical touch.

A while ago, I took the Five Love Languages Quiz.  Not surprisingly, I scored highest in the categories of physical touch and words of affirmation, with acts of service coming in third.  Tee took the quiz, too, and got a nearly identical score.

Tee and I like to joke about how our relationship would be The Most Boring Reality TV Show Ever.  We’re pretty affectionate, and we tell each other “I love you” a lot.  It’s pretty awesome, if you’re us – but The Five Love Languages talks about how different people experience love in different ways.  Some people appreciate gifts (lucky for me, this is not super important for Tee), and some people treasure quality time with their partner above everything else.

Anyway – the funny thing about this year’s Valentine’s Day was that Tee and I were not able to physically touch each other, all day long.

When you can’t show your love for others the way you typically do, you need some out-of-the-box thinking.

That day, I was driving around running errands and I found myself at an Amish market just a few minutes away from Wild Peace Farm.  I was wondering around pretty aimlessly when I happened upon the PERFECT Valentine’s Day gift for Tee – a beautiful wooden bird feeder.

bird feeder

I’ve been SO proud of myself ever since.  Tee and I have spent many a lovely dinner gazing out our kitchen window and naming the birds who come by to chow.  (They are HUNGRY.  Sometimes we have to fill the feeder every single day!  But I try not to do that, so as to encourage their independence and reliance on multiple food sources.  Like you do.)

It’s good to know our strengths, but it’s also good to STRETCH and to challenge ourselves; this is true in our personal lives as well as in our relationships.  I know that I’m great at telling Tee how I feel and giving her 100 hugs a day, but there was something sweet about celebrating a Valentine’s day when I had to let the universe show me a different way to express my feelings.  Good job, universe.  Many thanks.

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