All About That Font #mind

A few years ago, while spending time with two old friends, I heard about a film called Helvetica.  One of these friends told me this movie was all about the history of the font Helvetica.

Immediately, we started laughing.  A film about font?  That sounds boring and ridiculous.  What would the plot even be?

Then we spent the next fifteen minutes talking about the fonts we used for different purposes – Garamond for resumes, Cambria for e-mails, Lucida Fax for personal projects.  (That’s all just me.)

Font is important.  Really, really important.All-Fonts

I just started doing a new job at work, so have been taking over a lot of new duties – setting agendas for meetings, creating checklists for myself, learning and changing paperwork to include my name and credentials.  And, of course, changing all the fronts to my preferred font for the workplace – Cambria.

These are the fonts I love and what they say about my mood:

Kristen ITC – I am a twelve-year-old girl (or at least, in my heart I am) making a bucket list.

Garamond – I’m a college senior applying for a) graduate school, b) AmeriCorps, or c) an internship.  (Why would I apply for a regular job?  I’m freakin’ 21 years old.)

Lucida Fax – I’m casual.  I want to chat with you about my day.

Cambria – I’m a hard-working professional who values individuality.

Georgia – I’m your long-lost college roommate and I want this e-mail to look warm and friendly.

Curlz – Oh, I’m crazy.  You know it.

While we’re on the subject – PLEASE take this quiz and find out what font you are.  My answer was Wingdings, which I can’t even process right now.

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